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Company Advantage

Committed to becoming a leading technology enterprise in the field of national automation motors

Strong R&D team

The company has a product research and development center, as well as three major manufacturing bases for complete machines, single machines, and DC machines More than 150 employees and more than 20 professional and technical personnel are currently employed

Advanced production equipment

Equipped with fully automated advanced equipment such as fully automatic hydraulic press, fully automatic rotor precision machining machine, pressurization system, fully automatic CNC lathe manipulator integrated machine, fully automatic four head eight station winding and embedding integrated machine, etc

Received multiple intellectual property certificates

3 authorized software works, 7 patents, 25 independently developed product certifications, and appointed as the president unit of the Fujian Electrical Machinery Industry Association

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Contact person: Mr. Zhu Tel: 15359706011

Contact person: Mr. Lei  Tel: 15359701039

Address: No. 100, Zhanyang Village, Chengyang Town, Fu'an City

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