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What accessories can be used with the Roller shutter electric motor?

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The electric motor of Roller shutter is an important part of modern smart home decoration. In addition to its own motor, it needs to be equipped with various accessories to ensure the use effect and comfort. Here are some common accessories:

1. Remote control: The electric motor of Roller shutter is usually equipped with a remote control to facilitate the user to remotely control the opening and closing of the door. Some high-end remote controls even have the function of Time switch.

2. Power adapter: The electric motor of Roller shutter needs power to work, so corresponding power adapter is required to provide power source. When selecting adapters, attention should be paid to matching voltage and other parameters with the motor.

3. Limit switch: the limit switch is used to control whether the Roller shutter is fully opened or closed. By setting limit switches, it is possible to avoid door twisting or damage, while also protecting the electric motor from damage.

4. Sensor: The sensor can detect information such as door position, temperature, humidity, etc., so that users can understand the status of the door in real time and better manage its usage.

5. Airtight strip: Airtight strip is a strip that can seal the gap between the door frame and the door body, usually used to prevent dust or insects from entering the room, and can also help with insulation and sound insulation.

6. Safety rebound device: safety rebound device is a mechanism installed on the electric motor of Roller shutter, which can stop running immediately when the door encounters resistance to avoid accidents.

7. Pull rod: A pull rod is a detachable handle used to manually open or close a door, usually used in the event of electric motor failure.

8. Anti theft lock: The anti-theft lock is a special locking machine, which is usually installed on the electric motor of Roller shutter to effectively prevent the door from being stolen.

In a word, the accessories required for the electric motor of Roller shutter vary according to the specific needs. In addition, the quality of accessories in the market varies greatly. When purchasing, research should be done in advance and reliable brands and commodities should be selected.

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