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Ningde Vocational and Technical College's School of New Energy and Intelligent Manufacturing Visited Our Company for Guidance

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Zhong Zhuozi, Dean of the School of New Energy and Intelligent Manufacturing at Ningde Vocational and Technical College, and Song Lili, Vice Dean of the School of New Energy and Intelligent Manufacturing, Director He Shaojian, and Teacher Xue Jianwen visited our company for guidance. In accordance with the State Council's Decision on Vigorously Developing Vocational Education, it is pointed out that vocational education should reform the traditional talent training mode centered on schools and classrooms, and vigorously promote the training mode of combining engineering with learning and school enterprise cooperation Actively encouraging the integration of schools and enterprises, forming a virtuous cycle of vocational education model that combines industry and education, promotes mutual benefit and win-win situation between schools and enterprises. Through understanding and researching our company, we have reached a consensus on school enterprise cooperation and established a school enterprise cooperation base in our company.

Establish a school enterprise cooperation industry university research cooperation base, and take a group photo at the unveiling ceremony (from left: Liu Lingqing, General Manager Liu, Lei Jinhua, General Manager Lei, from right: Dean Zhong Zhuozi, Vice Dean Song Lili)

Talent cultivation plays a crucial role in the development of enterprises. School enterprise cooperation provides a good platform for enterprises, which is in line with social trends and enterprise needs. Enterprise participation is the only way for school enterprise cooperation and a solid foundation for the sustainable development of education. To promote mutual benefit and mutual benefit between both parties. The successful holding of this signing ceremony provides a new way for both schools and enterprises to further carry out multi-level, multi form, and multi field cooperation, achieve organic integration and optimized allocation of school enterprise resources, and jointly cultivate talents needed for economic and social development.


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